Hobby Inspiration: Zdzislaw Beksinski

Haven’t posted in a while due to travel and then work being incredibly busy of late, but hope to get back into the routine! Beksinski (1929-2005) might be the strongest argument for not needing formal training in the arts. He started off as a construction site supervisor, who took photographs and used scrap worksite materials… Continue reading Hobby Inspiration: Zdzislaw Beksinski

Hobby Inspiration: A Field in England

Ben Wheatley’s 2013 A Field In England is a work more horrifying than terrifying. Echoing Vincent Price’s Witchfinder General, the audience is treated to an incredibly personal account of men falling apart. Set in the murky years of the English Civil Wars, what begins as a loosely allied band of deserters seeking treasure quickly and… Continue reading Hobby Inspiration: A Field in England

Monster May(hem): Siren Head

An internet cryptid to rival Slenderman, Siren Head is the creation of artist Trevor Henderson. It is a unrelenting, implacable hunter with a taste for humans, who it draws in its hunting grounds with looped audio, then using its 40 foot frame go in for the kill. If it needs any other credentials, horror manga… Continue reading Monster May(hem): Siren Head

Hobby Inspiration: Mead Schaeffer

I know precious little about Mead Schaeffer(1898-1980). That’s alright with me, as I know precious little about art in general. Like his contemporary Wyeth, Schaeffer’s career in fine arts seems centered around producing lovingly rendered illustrations for editions of the classics. The colors are rich and vibrant, the lines are crisp and sure. Schaeffer’s work… Continue reading Hobby Inspiration: Mead Schaeffer

Hobby Inspiration: The Master of Ballantrae

Robert Louis Stevenson is unquestionably a master of pulp literature. His 1889 novel, Master of Ballantrae predicts pulp/serial adventure archetypes in a way his more considered works don’t. Treasure Island has a long ocean voyages, buried treasure, and an arresting anti-hero. Kidnapped features a young man, betrayed by his family, faced with the echos of… Continue reading Hobby Inspiration: The Master of Ballantrae

Hobby Inspiration: Sicario

For the most part, Sicario is a well executed movie. Often it is palpably tense, it is shot well, and relies on strong performances over superfluous special effects, though when necessary they are very effective. It just has some lousy politics. It’s best scene is the traffic jam at the border. Your secret squirrel snatch… Continue reading Hobby Inspiration: Sicario

Monster May(hem): Red Slaad

There are few things about the hobby of little miniatures that I enjoy less than painting. Mentally and physically, I find it a challenge. It never stops me from amassing more miniatures, and thus like everyone else I’ve assembled my own lead (and resin) (and plastic) mountain. However! I do want to paint. It displeases… Continue reading Monster May(hem): Red Slaad